4 proven ways to ensure your future events are successful

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Despite the many limitations COVID 19 has put on our lives so far, the future for the reintroduction of live events is finally becoming within reach. The current easing of restrictions means events and festivals have been given the green light to go ahead this summer! With far more people enjoying their summer holidays in the UK, there has never been a better opportunity to be able to attract new visitors to your town centre.

Equally, it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate the success of events in terms of marketing reach, visitor catchment and location engagement – not just footfall. When planning your event whether big or small, this data is now available to evaluate the success of your event and achieve the best ROI.

When hosting an event in your town centre, we have identified some key questions you may want answers to, which can be used to help you accurately evaluate your event. We have also explained how TownandPlace.AI can provide answers for these questions, using our data accessed through TownandPlace.AI’s event performance measurement tool for over 2,300 town centres across the UK.

Important Data for Evaluating Your Event:

1. Where did people travel from for the event? It is important to understand where your visitors travelled from so you can track where you are attracting most of your visitors from and which postcode areas may need increased marketing messages next time. In addition, you can assess whether your location targeted marketing campaigns have been effective in attracting new customers.

2. How many visitors attended during the event? Finding out if you reached your target number of unique visitors is an important KPI. Equally, knowing if your event is attracting only your existing customers or the event is indeed bringing in visitors from postcodes areas outside your town’s core catchment is an excellent way to measure event performance.

3. Did the event drive footfall to all areas of the town centre? If your event is held in the market square or neighbouring park, being able to calculate the impact of the event on footfall across all of your town centres’ streets is a crucial test of a successful event. If visitors only stay in the event area, will this be viewed as a success by town centre businesses? Having the ability to easily demonstrate how visitors move around the town centre during the event could increase business support for future planned events.

4. Which type of event delivers the best performance for the town centre? Keeping a data history of postcode catchments, footfall, town centre movement and dwell time for each event is an excellent way to be able to have a strong bank of evidence for next year’s event programme. In addition, accessing data on how another town’s events have performed during this summer, is invaluable data to help guide you on what events should be delivered in your town centre.

How to measure the success of your events

TownandPlace.AI helps you easily understand the performance of all of your events throughout the year including footfall, visitor home origins, unique number of visitors, town centre footfall flow, dwell time and even businesses visited. Perfect for measuring the success of your upcoming events. In addition, you can access vital footfall data, archived back to 2019.

Interested in accessing footfall and visitor behaviour for your own town’s events through TownandPlace.AI?

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