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A Step by Step Guide: Using Our Event Tracking Tool

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event tracking tool

TownandPlace.AI’s event tracking tool allows you to track the success of your events however big or small. Accessing footfall figures for your event, and footfall figures for the previous year and the following month after the event means you can analyse trends in your footfall change accurately and with understanding.

Understand your events true performance:

1. Mark up your event “borders” on a map. We can then draw and upload your event polygon to our system. This will be the area covered when tracking footfall for your event.


2. Once we have uploaded your event polygon shape you can go to the events section within TownandPlace.AI and request your event report. All you need to do is enter your event name, event type, start and end date and select your correct event polygon shape.

Picture2 (1).png

3. A week after the date of your event, your event performance report should be ready to download. Click on the “Event Reports List” section to find all your requested reports.

Picture3 (1).png

4. Access your event data including accurate footfall figures from the day of the event. Compare footfall from the event date, the year before, month before and month after also.

footfall 1 resized.png

footfall resized 3.png

footfall 2 resized.png

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