About Us

Since 2015 Place Informatics has been providing visitor behaviour insights and footfall for town centres, retail, tourism and heritage sites, in addition to green spaces, events and car parks.

Our ‘big data’ services are at the forefront of new technology – a data and statistics business that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance data quality.

Because we have a tight-knit team of IT developers, statisticians and visitor insight professionals, we deliver high value-benefit services and have the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs.

What we do

Our proprietary online visitor behaviour dashboards, provide valuable performance measurement data and inisghts to support investment decisions and help to visualise real behaviour patterns.

Why we are unique

Place Informatics is the only GPS provider that focuses solely on the UK market. The sectors that we operate in the UK have specific needs and our dashboards have been carefully developed over a number of years by feedback from our UK customers. We have always listened to our customers and made innovative changes based on their requirements,  responding accordingly as and when required.

Our mission

Our mission is simple – to help organisations better understand how people use places.

We aim to make access to data as simple as possible, delivering feature-rich, intuitive dashboards and downloadable reports to provide real value to customers.

Vision for the future

As well as developing innovative new services for customers with specific needs, we’re developing insightful forecasting which can accurately predict what visitor behaviours will be, based on any change that is made to a location.

We aim for our business to be at the cutting edge of innovative technology in visitor behaviour insights and to satisfy our customers by providing superior quality, service and value.