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If you’re in retail or commercial property, an agent, you may be attending the Completely Retail and Revo conference event on Tuesday, 26 September 2023

In recent years, urban planners and policymakers have been increasingly drawn to the concept of 20-minute neighbourhoods – compact, self-sustaining communities designed to provide residents

The Fylde Council Economic Development team submitted UK Shared Prosperity (UKSPF) funding bids to: Here we discuss the main projects and how Place Informatics can

Retail Visitor Paths “Retail Visitor Paths” is an interactive tool for retailers to gain valuable insights into the movements and walking patterns of visitors. This

Retail Heat Map By utilizing hexagon density mapping technology, Retail Heatmaps provides a detailed visualization of visitor traffic within any retail site. Easily identify areas

Retail Visitor Origins The Retail Visitor Origin Map features an interactive 3D “firework” map, giving a visual representation of where visitors originate from, making it

Retail Address Paths for Movement Analysis The Retail Address Paths tool is transforming the way visitor traffic patterns are analysed within a retail site. With this

Event marketing is both an art and a science. In today’s world, big data has become an indispensable tool for event planners in town centres,

As a retailer, you already understand the significance of footfall in achieving commercial success. But, did you know that it can also be used to

Successful management of operational resources is integral to shopping, retail, and leisure asset managers maximising returns on invested capital – and gaining a deeper insight

The retail industry has been changing at an unprecedented rate in the last few years, driven by the steady growth of e-commerce, fluctuating consumer habits

If you’re a local council, business or management team looking to drive economic and social growth in your town, tracking visitor data is key to

Curious about why certain retail stores are more successful than others? Sure, customer service and product quality play a part, but those aren’t the only

How visitor postcode origins can help tourist destinations

Visitor postcode origins are a powerful tool for DMOs, councils, and tourist attractions looking to increase footfall at their destination. With this type of data,

If you want to find out where your visitors come from and how long they take to travel to your retail site or high street,

If you’ve been considering implementing a footfall counting solution for your retail site, event, town or BID area, you may be wondering if it’s worth

One of the most important aspects in marketing is persuading the right audience. If you’re looking to promote your business or event more effectively, postcode

Competition in any industry can be tough, but it’s important to know your rivals. This is especially true for retail and leisure parks, where there

The ‘Golden Quarter’ for businesses and high streets across the country has arrived. This period between October and December is typically considered the peak shopping

The retail and leisure industry are highly competitive and these days many physical outlets and shopping parks utilise data and technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence

The cost of living crisis is putting immense pressure on retailers. With consumers struggling to make ends meet due to increasing gas and electricity prices,

The night time economy is the collective term for all commercial and leisure activity that takes place during the evening. This can include everything from

Location planning is a process by which retail businesses, real estate developers, towns and travel organisations decide how and where to allocate their resources and

If you work for a tourist attraction, retail site or local council, one of the key things you will want to know is where your

In recent years, footfall analytics has evolved from a simple passive checking system to an increasingly sophisticated and helpful scientific discipline for a number of

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