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Want to know what future features we are planning to add to TownandPlace.AI? Here is our exciting latest release news for August and September 2021!

Coming August 2021…

Footfall Data History spanning back to March 2019! This means you will have a benchmark for measuring footfall figures before COVID compared to your present 2021 footfall and visit behaviour data for your town centre. This is a great addition to help easy understanding of how your town is recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

Coming September 2021…

Overnight Stay Analysis – Visitors who stay in your town centre for 2 consecutive days and are not part of a local/core catchment will be picked up as an overnight stayer. This can be a great indication of how well tourism and business are growing in your town.

Track where tourists visit  -including heritage, attractions, theme parks and green spaces. You will be able to see what share of visitors for your town centre will be using various attractions, green spaces, heritage etc. In addition, you will be able to split your total visitors into the following subcategories; core catchment, local visitor and tourist. Enabling you to discover which attractions are most popular to the different visitor types.


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