Benefits of Using Data for Marketing Town Centre Events

Tight town centre street at christmas

Planning Your Town Centre Events

As winter months approach, town centres across the UK are planning an increasing number of exciting events to draw visitors into the town centre. Many of us are eagerly awaiting the return of Christmas festivities such as thrilling light displays and bustling Christmas markets.

We often hear about the importance of evaluating the outcome of events (4 Reasons to Evaluate Events), but what is arguably even more essential is carrying out detailed, data-driven targeted marketing for your event to assure the highest footfall.

By using postcode visitor data, you can make informed decisions on many areas of your events marketing campaign including postcodes containing your most and least common visitors – on a catchment, local and regional level and which postcodes provide the greatest opportunity to increase spend in the town centre.

Data Beneficial For Targeted Marketing

Current Catchment Postcodes  Understand postcodes that already deliver footfall to your town centre regularly. Knowing where your most loyal visitors are located will help you decide exactly which postcodes you want to carry out targeted marketing for your event.

Postcodes You’re Missing – Understanding which postcodes you are not successfully attracting visitors from and then applying additional marketing of your event to these postcode areas is a great way to help increase footfall in the town centre.

Social Grades – These are a national socio-economic classification of postcode populations produced by the Office for National Statistics. There are six categories of indicators A, B, C1, C2, D and E indicators. AB are higher managerial and DE semi or unskilled workers. Having this knowledge on how affluent postcodes are, can be useful in creating targeted marketing campaigns directed at specific wealth levels.

Want to host a successful event?

TownandPlace.AI offers all data solutions discussed in this blog article.

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