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A Step by Step Guide: Using Our Event Tracking Tool

events tracking tool allows you to track the success of your events however big or small. Accessing footfall figures for your event, and footfall figures for the previous year and the following month after the event, means you can analyse trends in your ...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson
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Data Available In Our Monthly Footfall Report

Did you know TownandPlace.AI produces a site performance report for over 2300 town centres in the UK every month? The report summarises key data for the town centre such as monthly footfall and other visitor behaviour insights. What would you find in...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson
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Benefits of Using Data for Marketing Town Centre Events

  Planning Your Town Centre Events As winter months approach, town centres across the UK are planning an increasing number of exciting events to draw visitors into the town centre. Many of us are eagerly awaiting the return of Christmas festivitie...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson

Tourist visitor numbers grow by 36.83% for Coastal BID town centres in June

      TownandPlace.AI is a ‘no hardware required’ cloud dashboard provider of footfall, visitor behaviour and tourism data for over 2,300 town centres across the UK. Register for your 14-day free access pass at Tou...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson

3 Vital Tips To Help DMOs Lure In More Tourists.

  Have you ever thought of how you could bring your tourists back to their favourite holiday destinations every year by using data? You may think of seaside views and local restaurants, but this is only scratching the surface when thinking about what c...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson
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4 proven ways to ensure your future events are successful

Despite the many limitations COVID 19 has put on our lives so far, the future for the reintroduction of live events is finally becoming within reach. The current easing of restrictions means events and festivals have been given the green light t...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson

The Future for Tourism in UK Towns

  Locations such as Cornwall, Cumbria and North Wales are continually popular with tourists and are battling hard to overcome the effects of COVID. The increase in domestic travel could have long-term beneficial impacts on the UK Tourism Industry. Alte...
Hannah Barratt-Wilson