Footfall and visitor behaviour data for car parks

Get access to rich visitor behaviour insights and car park footfall data to help make informed decisions about your parking facilities and improve customer experience.  

Find visitor behaviour data for car parks in the UK

Car Park Footfall Data

Monitoring visitor footfall data in car parks supports decision making in marketing targeting, upselling advertising space and ascertaining demand and supply

the benefits

Investment & Regeneration

Invaluable when applying for funding for revamping, better lighting, fencing or facilities

Footfall &

Identify hotspots, busiest access points and where people frequent when using your car park


Understand by home postcode, where people travel from to use your car park – locally, regionally and nationally


Sell Advertising Space

Use car park footfall data to upsell advertising space to local businesses

24/7 Data

Evening and late night data can assist in prevention of car park crime and anti-social behaviour


Compare and contrast footfall data from car parks across the area and beyond

The Place Informatics Dashboard

Footfall Monitoring

Measure the monthly footfall for all council and privately owned car parks in your town centre


Discover the home origins of your local, regional and national visitors

Movement Flow

Understand how your car park provides footfall to individual streets, green spaces, shopping centres and beaches


Benchmark and compare footfall and visitor postcode home origins for each car park including core, local and tourist visitors


Understand the demographic profile of visitors including social grade, age, gender and education


Generate weekly and monthly performance reports for every car park in an instant

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