The Benefits of Visitor Behaviour Data for Christmas Light Switch On Events and Markets 2023

In today’s modern world, data has become a driving force behind decision-making across various industries, and event planning is no exception. As the festive season approaches, organisers of Christmas light switch on events and markets are actively planning ahead, collaborating with businesses and local communities to ensure memorable experiences for attendees. In this article, we’ll […]

20 Minute Neighbourhoods: Using Footfall Data For Urban Development

In recent years, urban planners and policymakers have been increasingly drawn to the concept of 20-minute neighbourhoods – compact, self-sustaining communities designed to provide residents with easy access to essential services and amenities, such as schools, healthcare, grocery stores, parks, and recreational areas, within a 20-minute walk from their homes.  To unlock the full potential […]

Using Footfall Data to Understand Tourist Itineraries

Gathering information on tourist itineraries has always been challenging. However, thanks to the convergence of cutting-edge AI and GPS technology, it is easier than ever to harness the power of big data through footfall tracking, and gain unprecedented insights into the behaviour patterns of tourists – from their travel time, movement and even preferences.  Armed […]

Mobility Data – the smart way to analyse visitor behaviour in market towns</strong>

Britain is home to a plethora of market towns that date back centuries. With their history, strong sense of community and contribution to the vitality of rural localities, they remain a major part of modern-day society. However in recent years, many have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing trends in consumer habits and travel […]

How to Learn More About Tourist Behaviour Pre and Post Pandemic

According to a Statista survey regarding Covid-19’s impact on domestic tourism, travel spending amounted to nearly £92 billion in 2019, which drastically dropped to around £34 billion in 2020.  As the tourism industry continues to battle the effects of the pandemic, with predictions of overnight stays and associated spend numbers unable to reach pre-pandemic levels […]

<strong>How visitor postcode origins can help tourist destinations</strong>

How visitor postcode origins can help tourist destinations

Visitor postcode origins are a powerful tool for DMOs, councils, and tourist attractions looking to increase footfall at their destination. With this type of data, you can find out who is visiting your location and how far away they’ve travelled from in order to make strategic decisions that will improve your results over time. Let’s […]

<strong>The Benefits of AI Driven Footfall Counting Software</strong>

If you’ve been considering implementing a footfall counting solution for your retail site, event, town or BID area, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. This technology is becoming increasingly popular as businesses and local councils look for ways to improve visitor engagement and gather data that will help to mitigate what is […]

How Footfall and Visitor Analytics Can Support UK Shared Prosperity Fund Projects 

The Government has devised a £2.6bn UK Shared Prosperity Fund which will replace EU structural funds and provide levelling up opportunities for three priority areas: Communities and Place, Supporting Local Business and People and Skills. Funding will be assigned to every lead local authority in England, Wales, Scotland, and the funds will be allocated using […]