The Night Time Economy: How to Increase Footfall in the Evenings

The night time economy is the collective term for all commercial and leisure activity that takes place during the evening. This can include everything from night clubs and bars, to late night shopping and 24-hour services. As one of the biggest and most lucrative industries, accounting for 8% of the UK’s employment and 6% of […]

The Impact of Summer Footfall Increases on Seaside Towns and Beaches

Across the UK, many popular seaside towns and their beaches have witnessed an invasion of tourists all ready to enjoy the sun, sand and sea following the recent heatwaves between June – August this year. This has led to a boost in the number of post-pandemic staycations, with many people making up for lost trips, […]

How Does a Heritage Action Zone Impact Tourism?

Heritage Action Zones (HAZs) are heritage-led regeneration schemes that aim to breathe new life into historic areas. The first 10 Heritage Action Zones were announced in 2017, with a focus on reviving high streets and town centres. There are now over 60 HAZs across England, covering a wide range of different heritage types. HAZs are […]

How tourism areas are impacted by local vs national visitors

Tourist attractions are so important to the UK’s economy, generating £100.8 billion a year and supporting thousands of jobs, businesses and sectors, including transport, retail, leisure, green spaces, museums and the arts. Domestic tourism (refers to both local and national tourists) in particular acts as a key driver for town and city planners towards improving […]

What visitor data do you need for event funding applications?

If you’re an event manager in need of financial assistance to fund an event, event funding applications are necessary in order to help cover the costs of venue hire, equipment, marketing, staff and transport. Essential visitor data for Event Managers Whether it’s for a large public gathering or local festival, the hardest thing to predict […]

Location planning for your advertising

Location planning is a process by which retail businesses, real estate developers, towns and travel organisations decide how and where to allocate their resources and assets in order to attract new visitors to their site and achieve the greatest profit possible. It works by targeting specific areas using unique IP addresses, Wi-Fi triangulation or GPS […]

The benefits of knowing where your visitors originate from

If you work for a tourist attraction, retail site or local council, one of the key things you will want to know is where your visitors originate from. Knowing this information can be extremely valuable, and it can help you to make smarter decisions about everything from your marketing strategy, to the products and services […]

How tourism uses demographic data for marketing

It’s no secret that the tourism industry is big business and extremely competitive. Towns, local governments and businesses including hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, nature parks and historical sites across the UK are in a constant battle with each other to win top spot as the most popular place for visitors.   The best way to promote […]

The benefits of footfall analytics in 2022

In recent years, footfall analytics has evolved from a simple passive checking system to an increasingly sophisticated and helpful scientific discipline for a number of sectors including education, retail and tourism.  As we head into 2022 with the arrival of January sales and upcoming seasonal events/products for Spring, footfall is still profoundly relevant for many […]

Tourist visitor numbers grow by 36.83% for Coastal BID town centres in June

Tourist visitor numbers grow by 36.83% for Coastal BID town centres in June. As Covid restrictions are relaxed/removed footfall is returning to town centres, so this month here at TownandPlace.AI we are taking a look to see what type of town centre visitors are contributing to increased footfall in our Coastal BID town centres. We have analysed […]