How tourism uses demographic data for marketing

It’s no secret that the tourism industry is big business and extremely competitive. Towns, local governments and businesses including hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, nature parks and historical sites across the UK are in a constant battle with each other to win top spot as the most popular place for visitors.   The best way to promote […]

The benefits of footfall analytics in 2022

In recent years, footfall analytics has evolved from a simple passive checking system to an increasingly sophisticated and helpful scientific discipline for a number of sectors including education, retail and tourism.  As we head into 2022 with the arrival of January sales and upcoming seasonal events/products for Spring, footfall is still profoundly relevant for many […]

Tourist visitor numbers grow by 36.83% for Coastal BID town centres in June

Tourist visitor numbers grow by 36.83% for Coastal BID town centres in June. As Covid restrictions are relaxed/removed footfall is returning to town centres, so this month here at TownandPlace.AI we are taking a look to see what type of town centre visitors are contributing to increased footfall in our Coastal BID town centres. We have analysed […]

3 Vital Tips To Help DMOs Lure In More Tourists

Have you ever thought of how you could bring your tourists back to their favourite holiday destinations every year by using data? You may think of seaside views and local restaurants, but this is only scratching the surface when thinking about what can be done to bring back your tourists for their vacation breaks… As […]

The Future for Tourism in UK Towns

Locations such as Cornwall, Cumbria and North Wales are continually popular with tourists and are battling hard to overcome the effects of COVID. The increase in domestic travel could have long-term beneficial impacts on the UK Tourism Industry. Altered holiday habits for many of the UK population this year could lead to an increased number […]