Footfall Monitoring Comparison

Compare Place Informatics solutions to other footfall monitoring options available

Compare Footfall Monitoring Options

If you want to measure and track footfall in any location, it’s important to know that there are many differences in the types of providers, the way the data is gathered, stored, processed and displayed.

Most importantly when purchasing this type of data, it is imperative to be aware of the limitations of each system in order to make an informed choice. As Place Informatics does not install any hardware, costs can be comparatively less than with other providers.

Product Features
Camera Hardware
Place Informatics
Footfall monitoring within 95% accuracy
Rollback of data to 2019
Visitor home postcode origins
No hardware to install
Competitor site analysis
Unlimited Geographic area footfall
Socio-Demographic Data
Unlimited benchmarking
Green Space Visitor Data
Event Performance Reporting
Car Park Performance Dashboard
Visitor Category and Brand Preferences
Overnight Stay Analysis For Tourism (Coming soon)
Automatic Monthly Reports
Dwell Time
Visit Frequency

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