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Data Available In Our Monthly Footfall Report

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Did you know TownandPlace.AI produces a site performance report for over 2300 town centres in the UK every month? The report summarises key data for the town centre such as monthly footfall and other visitor behaviour insights.

What would you find in our monthly report?

– Monthly footfall figures for your town centre, along with the percentage change to last month’s figure to refer to.

image (1).png

– Monthly town centre visit frequency, and the percentage change in visits to previous months.

(Find out how many times on average people are visiting the town centre)

image (2).png

–  Average monthly dwell time spent by visitors at your town centre and average visit frequency per month.

(Find out on average how long your visitors stay in your town centre)

image (3).png

– Monthly dwell data is broken down further to allow for further insight into how long visitors stay at your site e.g. 6-12 minutes or 40-60 minutes.

(Find out in further detail the share of visitors staying for short or long periods of time in your town centre monthly)

image (4).png

–  Monthly % share of local residents using your site and the % share of individual local postcodes using your site.

(Find out what share of local postcodes contributes to your overall visitor figure)

image (5).png

 The most popular time of day and day of the week by visit volume monthly for the town centre.

(Understand what time of day and which week day is most popular for your town centre each month)

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