Visitor behaviour and footfall data for events

Transform your event planning and performance analysis with event footfall data and visitor insights for enhanced attendee engagement and strategic success.

Discover in-depth footfall data for events – from individual streets to city wide

Event Footfall Data

Immediate access to visitor behaviour analytics for events in town centres, green spaces and venues across the UK

the benefits

Visitor Demographics

Understand who is visiting your events including age, gender and social grade (AB,C1) profiles

Event Footfall

Measure event footfall and benchmark against pre and post event dates to understand footfall growth

Visitor Postcode Origins

Understand if your event appeals to local, regional and national visitors and where to target new prospects


Event Performance

Track growth in footfall, home postcode origins, dwell time and location occupancy by hour


Know your visitor home postcode origins and enrich targeted marketing campaign choices


Spearhead funding applications for event proposals with solid data and insights into visitor behaviour

Place Informatics Events Dashboard

Event Footfall Data

Measure the footfall volume for your event. Compare the % growth in footfall for the morning, afternoon, evening and night time

Visitor Origins

Identify by postcode the percentage share of event visitors. Use to target both social media and print marketing

Location Occupancy

Assess what share of event visitors are in attendance in the event location for each hour of the day


Benchmark the footfall for your event against a comparative date last year, last month and the following month

Event Report

Easily generate a PDF report for circulation to key stakeholders containing all KPIs for your event

Catchment Area Analysis

Visualise where your visitors originate from and which postcodes have the highest share of population visiting your event

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