Footfall and visitor behaviour data for green spaces

Learn to measure green space footfall and visitor behaviour data to help your team make informed decisions for your park, footpath, country estate or AONB

Find visitor behaviour data for 10,000+ green spaces

Green Space Footfall Data

Footfall and visitor behaviour data for 10,000 urban parks, estates, country parks and green spaces across the UK. 

the benefits

Investment & Funding

Use footfall, visitor demographics and postcode origin data to support funding applications

Footfall & Movement

Identify hotspots, busiest access points and most used paths for any size of green space

Visitor Origin

Understand by postcode where people travel from to use parks and greens spaces 



Track busiest paths for maintenance and required tree conservation


Identify where commercial opportunities may exist based on busiest areas

Visitor Demographics

Social grade, age, and gender visitor profiles required for grant applications

Green Space Dashboard

Green Space Footfall

Daily, weekly and monthly footfall data (from 2019) for your green space, footpath, urban or country park

Visitor Origins

Know which postcodes your visitors originate from across the UK split by core, local and tourist categories

Visitor Behaviour

Measure busiest time of day, average dwell time, visit frequency and share of visitors by dwell time period


Compare previous year/month, event and post event footfall plus visitor postcode origins and dwell occupancy

Movement Flow

Visualise how visitors move around your green space including paths, hotspots and access points


Compare your green space performance against over 10,000 national, country and urbans parks across the UK

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