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Unlock footfall and visitor behaviour data for Heritage Action Zones

Get immediate access to the latest visitor behaviour and footfall data for all 67 High Street Heritage Action Zones with our location intelligence tools.

550+ town, retail, heritage and tourism locations trust our data.

Understand the benefits of HeritageActionZones.AI

Understand your Heritage Action Zone performance:

Measure the footfall volume for the complete Heritage Action Zone geographic area. Identify trends in dwell time and heritage site visit frequency.

Identify street footfall within your Heritage Action Zone:

HAZ.AI provides a street heat map showing how footfall is distributed across the High Street Heritage Action Zone and the entire town centre.

Understand the impact your Heritage Action Zone has:

Understand how the Heritage Action Zone is impacting on the footfall, visit frequency and length of stay across the whole of the town centre.

Discover your Heritage Action Zone visitors:

Discover where High Street Heritage Action Zone visitors come from by postcode outer area.  Identify ‘tourism’ postcodes and use to target social media marketing.

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