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Place Informatics was recently given the task to provide data to help support the following scenario:

“An upmarket jeweller in Chichester is wishing to increase their range availability of Rolex watches. They need to convince their distributor that they can sell this upmarket product just as well as neighbouring cities (or better) who already stock a larger range, for example in Brighton. They want to be able to demonstrate that the customer demographic here in Chichester could support a broader range and show that the investment of an enhanced stock package would payback.”

Data supporting the report includes demographic data such as social grades for three neighbouring town centres with Rolex stockists to Chichester – (Eastbourne, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells). Additionally, catchment data such as core and local visitor postcode areas for Chichester and other towns. Also included are unique visitor numbers for each town analysed.

All data and maps provided in the report are available from TownandPlace.AI. Discover the latest catchment data and maps for over 2,500 UK towns.


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