Managing Green Spaces with Footfall and Behaviour Data

Bench in park overlooking pond

As our cities continue to grow, managing green spaces effectively becomes more important for communities to grow and prosper both socially and economically.  

Why are green spaces important? 

According to the Office for National Statistics, there are over 62,000 green spaces in the UK including public gardens, parks, nature reserves and canals.

Green spaces are important because they provide a host of benefits for both people and the environment. They help to combat the effects of climate change by improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and flooding. 

Green spaces also enhance the visual image of an area and offer people the opportunity to relax and connect with nature – great for our overall health and wellbeing.

It is clear that green spaces affect various aspects of our lives, and learning how people navigate, use and value these spaces is vital. This is where footfall and behaviour data comes in. 

Optimise and manage green spaces with footfall data 

Footfall data provided by TownandPlace.AI, Tourism.AI and HeritageActionZones.AI dashboards can tell us specific details about where core and local visitors are travelling from, how many people visit a green space, what time of day they visit, and how long they stay (dwell time). 

This information can be used by urban planners, local councils, HAZ officers and park managers to improve the design and layout of green spaces, as well as to identify areas that are being underutilised. 

For example, with our ability to measure footfall and visitor behaviour data, we can create heatmaps that show where people tend to accumulate on individual pathways or open areas. Officials can then harness this data to not only improve a visitor’s experience of a green space, but also meet corporate KPIs by providing valuable amenities with accessible parking, entertainment, food and beverage facilities nearby/on route. 

Another example of how footfall data can be used to manage green spaces is to assist in the rejuvenation and repair of damaged ecosystems. Tree risk assessors can utilise the information provided to regulate planting locations to stabilise the land, improve environmental conditions for the surrounding area and create new habitats for many species of wildlife. 

To summarise, managing green spaces effectively can be significantly enhanced by keeping track of both footfall and behaviour data. 

Call us on 0161 706 1343 to arrange a demo and see how our Green Space footfall module can help to improve your community, commercial activities and environmental decision making today. 


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