New Product Release! Movement Analysis: Retail Address Paths

Retail Address Paths for Movement Analysis

The Retail Address Paths tool is transforming the way visitor traffic patterns are analysed within a retail site. With this cutting-edge technology, you can select any unit within the retail site and analyse visitor traffic patterns to another retail unit on the site.

Granular Analysis by Unit Selection 

Retailers can select any unit within their retail site to analyse its visitor traffic patterns with Retail Address Paths. This movement analysis tool enables retailers to focus on specific areas of the retail site or individual units and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience and drive sales. 

Visitor Traffic Data 

The Retail Address Paths tool for movement analysis provides valuable data on:

  • Market Share
    • What percentage of total visitors to site went to each retail unit, providing an instant understanding of every retailers site-wide market share.
  • Unique Visits
    • What percentage of visits were exclusively to one retail unit, where shoppers came to visit one retailer and were not attracted anywhere else in the retail site.
  • Cross-visitation
    • Where visitors have moved across the retail site from one retail unit to another, the estimated number of visitors and percentage split to both units is shown in list format, ensuring it’s easy to understand where corrolations occur.

Visitor Traffic Patterns 

Retail Address Paths provides retailers with visitor traffic patterns for each individual unit within a retail site. With monitoring over a seasonal time period, this movement analysis develops a better understanding of visitor behaviour patterns and trends, to help make data-driven decisions to improve all manner of retail site operations. 

Benefits of Address Paths and Movement Analysis

Rich Data

Retail Address Paths provides rich data on what percentage of all visits to the retail site went to one selected unit, and also ventured to other units in the retail site, helping you to see linkages between retail units and find out more about your visitors needs – are your visitors shopping with purpose, browsing or visiting one retailer? How many visitors combine leisure or dining into their visit? 

Optimising Layout 

Retail Address Paths enables retail asset managers and retailers to optimise their site or store layout, product placement, and marketing strategies. Retail asset managers can use the data to redevelop and redefine their offerings or services to customers, where site improvements can be made. Retailers can use the data to make informed decisions about product placement in their windows and store layout, if they know they have a high proportion of visitors from another retailer, ultimately improving the customer experience. 

Increased Sales 

Retail asset managers can increase opportunities for sales by identifying areas of the retail site that are underperforming and making changes to improve their performance. Customer demands on the retail site will change over time, therefore monitoring why changes happen will lead to further investigation, ultimately acting as the driver for new initiatives and leading to increased footfall in more areas. 

Address Paths Questions

Is there a strong correlation between the high end or discount retailers on site? 

Are visitors brand loyal or do they shop at competitor stores on site? 

Does the parking pricing strategy fit with the needs and expectations of visitors? 

What initiatives are most likely to encourage visitors to move around the site? 

Is the new retail store generating an uplift in footfall? 

More Interactive Maps 

The Retail Address Paths Map is one of a series of Interactive Maps providing informative data for Retail Sites. Read more on the interactive series of 3D maps here:
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To discuss data for your retail site or book an informative look at movement analysis tools including address Paths, book here:
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