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New Product Release! Movement Analysis: Retail Visitor Origins

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Retail Visitor Origins

The Retail Visitor Origin Map features an interactive 3D “firework” map, giving a visual representation of where visitors originate from, making it easy to see the reach that the retail site has and where visitors travel from across the UK.

The innovative map displays lines leading from each visitor postcode to the retail site, creating a stunning and informative display, which is interactive. Each of the locations can be hovered over to be clicked on to see the percentage of visitors.

Linked To Data

The accompanying data shows the percentage of visitors and the actual number of visitors from each postcode, allowing retailers to understand exactly where their visitors are coming from.

Whether visitors are local, from the wider region or tourists, they will require different services and experiences whilst on site. This tool assists with discovering more about the needs and wants of visitors. 

Detailed Visitor Origin Data 
Detailed information on which postcodes and towns visitors to your retail site are coming from, as well as the percentage and number of visitors from each location. 

Interactive 3D map 
The interactive 3D map allows you to visualise the visitor origin postcodes in a unique and engaging way 

Data export 
Export the visitor origin data and map visualizations as a CSV file for further analysis or to share with other team members. 

Benefits Of The Retail Visitor Origin Map

Find Your Visitors Home Geographic Location 
Gain valuable insights into the geographic location of your customers. Find out exactly where your customers are coming from and their town names. This information can help you to target your marketing efforts to specific regions and tailor your services, products or offers to suit your visitors needs. For example, if they are travelling a longer distance, they are more likely to require dining or overnight accomodation. 

Understand Your Customer Base 
The tool provides data on the percentage of visitors and number of visitors from each postcode. This data can help you to identify your customer base and their behaviour, and make informed decisions on how to improve customer experience and how to communicate with them to encourage repeat visits. 

Visualize Your Customer Data 
Retail Visitor Origin Map features an interactive 3D “firework” map that makes it easy to visualize your retail sites visitor origin postcodes. The lines leading to each visitor postcode to the retail site create a map that’s easy to spot the dense and sparse areas of visitor origins.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy 
By understanding where your customers are coming from, you can tailor your marketing messages to suit their needs and preferences and help to drive business growth. 

Competitive Advantage 
Retail Visitor Origin Map is a unique and innovative tool that can give you a competitive edge in the retail industry. By understanding your customer base and tailoring your marketing efforts, you can stand out from the competition and increase your market share. 

More Interactive Maps 
The Retail Visitor Origin Map is one of a series of Interactive Maps providing informative data for Retail Sites. Read more on the interactive series of 3D maps here:
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To discuss data for your retail site or book an informative look at space analysis tools including address Paths, book here: Book To Discuss Data For Your Retail Site

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