New Town Centre Footfall, Location Provision and Visitor flow features available!

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TownandPlace.AI has been adding to its town centre footfall measurement tools. Here are a few new features you should look into to get the most out of your dashboard, from town centre usage to new areas to track footfall – including beaches and green spaces.

Year on Year Footfall – You can now track how your footfall has changed each month compared to 2020 and 2019. Plus we have added the ability to measure the accumulated footfall for your town centre for the whole year.

Location Provision – Tracks your visitors’ town centre usage. Track the number of visitors that visit large shop chains vs smaller independent businesses. This will help you to monitor the balance of business visits by category type e.g clothing store and how many visitors use independent clothing stores compared to national chains.

Visitor Flow – Measure exactly how your visitors move across the town centre. You can track the percentage of visitors who for example visit the beach and also visit a certain attraction or town centre street.

New Green Spaces and Beaches – We have now added green spaces and beaches across the UK for town centres to help track the impact on visits to individual streets and town centre businesses. Green spaces include parks, rivers, lakes and moorland.


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