Movement analysis for out of town retail

Improve your decision making with precise movement analysis, gaining invaluable insights into customer behaviour for out of town retail locations.

Understand customer behaviour patterns for any retail site across the UK

Out Of Town Movement Analysis

Utilise movement data to support leasing, investment and tenants

The benefits

Optimise Leasing Values

Find out historical footfall data for vacant units and recent data for tenanted units

Attract New Tenants

Accurate movement analysis to help potential tenants make an informed choice when choosing a retail unit location

Tenant Impact

Identify how key tenants impact footfall to other retailers, affecting: advertising, customer offers, instore product placement


New Store Footfall

Find out if changes to the retail tenant mix impact site footfall or unique visitor numbers

Data Led Decisions

Use impartial movement data for reporting to landlords and tenants, resourcing, staffing and to support commercial arrangements


Analyse total customer numbers to one retail site and compare to similar locations around the UK

Movement Analysis Features

Density Heatmap

Visualise which areas and routes are most busy or quiet. Examine dwell time, visit frequency and customer demographics

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Retail Address Paths

Measure footfall to individual tenants. Understand which tenants drive cross shopping patterns

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Visitor Origins

Visualise which postcodes visit your retail site each month. Find out the number and % of visitors originating from each postcode

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Customer Paths

See the routes shoppers take from any selected area, providing distance of walking, links between units and overall site movement 

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