Place Informatics appointed by Hampshire County Council Countryside Service

Hampshire map of attractions

Place Informatics has been appointed by Hampshire County Council Countryside Service to provide a visitor insight solution for its country parks, countryside sites and key routes. Place Informatics’ data dashboard TourismUK.AI and specifically, our green space module will provide footfall, dwell time, where visitors have travelled from and density mapping for over 100 countryside and green space locations across the county of Hampshire.

The Hampshire County Council Countryside Service is responsible for the management of approximately 7,400 acres of land for wildlife, heritage and public access. This includes around 90 countryside sites, five country parks, two farm attractions, one national nature reserve and almost 3,000 miles of rights of way.

The countryside service was previously using static people counters (predominately passive infrared sensors) to monitor visitors to each green space location. Whilst this has been successful in providing data on the number of visitors using a particular entrance or passing a particular point within a site, it did not provide any further information about visitors and how they use the parks and sites. The installation of ANPR at the country parks also provided dwell time of car users but did not give any further insight into how other visitors used the parks.

TourismUK.AI’s Green Space insight data will help Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Service manage their parks and sites going forward including:

  • To evidence visitor numbers as part of corporate KPIs.
  • To show other funding partners how many sites are being used, which helps to evidence why investment is needed.
  • To fulfil reporting requirements in designated areas e.g. SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces)
  • To monitor use in sensitive areas, especially at certain times of year e.g. heathlands in ground-nesting bird season.
  • To help prioritise resources for maintaining infrastructure and paths.
  • To demonstrate the impact following the implementation of a project e.g. to see whether the investment has increased the number of visitors.
  • To understand the impacts on a route/site close to a new housing development.
  • To provide evidence when responding to planning applications, especially where a site/route is already busy.
  • To provide evidence of use for funding applications.
  • To assist with marketing campaigns

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