Strategize your Event Marketing with Visitor Behaviour Data

Event marketing is both an art and a science. In today’s world, big data has become an indispensable tool for event planners in town centres, as well as retail and leisure sites to know more about their visitors to tailor campaigns to resonate, engage and attract their target audiences. 

With the help of footfall and visitor behaviour data analysis, you can find out more about your visitors preferences and demographics to develop effective event marketing strategies that will increase attendance and deliver greater ROI to your stakeholders.

Here’s how our data sets and space analysis tools can empower you to organise successful and unforgettable events.

Identify Your Audience

With the ability to identify a population based on demographic factors, including postcode location, travel time, age, occupation and spending habits, you can direct marketing spend towards postcode areas of interest. The data sets help you to build up consumer profiles over time, which may change with each event, but you will be better placed to discover the nuances in visitor types and devise marketing inititatives to target those relevant audiences.

Track Metrics 

In order to improve and refine your event marketing strategy, it is crucial to measure its success when an event has taken place. Examining behavioural data, such as foot traffic and dwell-time per hour can provide valuable insights into how effective your advertising strategy has been when visitors numbers change.

Movement Analysis

With the new movement analysis tools for town centres and retail and leisure locations, the hotspots in an area – including areas of most usage, congestion, popular entrances / exits or peak / off-peak periods can be identified.

Using the Visitor Paths tool, you can easily see where cross visitation linkages are between spaces or shops. The visitor traffic patterns show where people go in a location, how far they walk and the paths they take in an interactive 3D map.

The section analysis tool allows users to draw two sections within a location to analyse the visitors’ paths and visitor data between the selected spaces or units. This is a great tool to understand how visitors interact in an area, where there are synergies between two brands or units and show where there could be optimum positions for signage, additional facilities or commercial traders.

By utilising this information, corrective actions can be taken to increase visitor satisfaction and enhance event flow, ultimately leading to heightened attendee engagement at future events.

Event Reporting for Town Centres

For town centres, event reports can be produced very easily using a simple to use tool in the TownandPlace dashboard. Event reports provide an overview of numbers of unique visitors, which can indicate if visitors have been attracted from further afield, rather than local residents.

Analyse Competition

Gathering visitor data gives your event a competitive edge by enabling you to compare and contrast with similar ones held in other towns and green spaces on local, regional, and national levels.

Discover who is attending the events and examine the audience’s response to measure what worked well or did not work well. This can help to inform vital decision-making around not only marketing initiatives, but also other elements of event planning, from site plans and seating arrangements, to catering, vendors and facilities to boost overall performance. 

Is It Time to Elevate your Events with Footfall Data? 

Equipped with robust location intelligence tools from Place Informatics, event managers and marketers can devise effective strategies that drive successful events by consistently monitoring visitor trends and learning more about their visitors.

Talk to us today about harnessing the power of event footfall analysis for your area or business. Call 0161 706 1343 or book a discussion by clicking the link below.


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