Using Footfall Data to Organise an Event in a Green Space

footfall data to organise an event

When organising an event in a green space, urban or country park, footfall data can be a valuable resource to help make sure it’s successful.  We help event organisers, local councils, destination management organisations and tourism managers across the UK measure real usage in green spaces including footfall, dwell time and movement flow in order […]

Benefits of Using Data for Marketing Town Centre Events

Planning Your Town Centre Events As winter months approach, town centres across the UK are planning an increasing number of exciting events to draw visitors into the town centre. Many of us are eagerly awaiting the return of Christmas festivities such as thrilling light displays and bustling Christmas markets. We often hear about the importance […]

New Event Performance Measurement Features for TownandPlace.AI

TownandPlace.AI has released the latest event tool to help town centres measure the performance of their local events here we discuss some key features: You can choose to measure the whole of the town centre, individual streets or green spaces  – to accurately track visitor numbers throughout the event who only cross inside your dedicated event […]