The Future for Tourism in UK Towns

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Locations such as Cornwall, Cumbria and North Wales are continually popular with tourists and are battling hard to overcome the effects of COVID. The increase in domestic travel could have long-term beneficial impacts on the UK Tourism Industry. Altered holiday habits for many of the UK population this year could lead to an increased number of UK based holidays and drive heightened numbers of visitors to Tourism Locations each year.

Domestic Holidays are on the Rise 

The number of UK domestic tourism visitors in 2019 was 57.9m. This is set to increase further in summer UK town centres due to uncertainty and restrictions on booking holidays abroad. Great opportunities for towns and tourism locations are being created despite covid. For example locations such as the Cotswolds and Blackpool will see a huge surge in tourists this summer taking their vacation in the UK. Consumers in the UK have been booking UK holidays at the rate of every 11 seconds following the announcement of lockdown lifting. 

UK tourism locations will experience opportunities such as visitors from new home locations, longer stays, and an increased volume of days out. These post lockdown benefits provide not just a great opportunity for 2021 but for years beyond if the right visitor data collection is undertaken now.

Tourism Data is Key

To ensure the success of your tourism strategy, tourist and visitor behaviour data has never been more important. Supporting your advertising campaigns, marketing strategy, visitor offer packages, accommodation provision and much more. This year’s popularity of domestic holidays creates an unmissable opportunity to capture vital insight into your visitors’ behaviours. This data can then be used to repeat this year’s popularity for next year and the year after! 

Knowing your visitor’s behaviour is vital for creating successful tourism results. Listed below are different data examples and why they are important to implement when tourists numbers boom this summer.

Footfall – You have accurate numbers of visitors and where they go in your location. You can compare these each day/week/month to keep track of how popular your location is.

Tourist home origin – Knowing which postcodes your visitors are coming from you can create detailed targeted tourism marketing campaigns, essential for bringing back visitors again every year

Length of stay – You can understand how long visitors stay at your location. E.g. overnight stays bring in more money than days out.

What tourists do during their stay – You know which locations are most and least popular with visitors. This data is a key indicator of the success of attractions and businesses.

Other locations tourists visit – You know which other locations and where exactly tourists are visiting so you can compare if they offer similar/different attractions which can help improve your tourism loyalty levels.


TownandPlace.AI’s tourism/visitor behaviour cloud dashboard provides the latest tourist location visitor behaviour data for every tourist town, attraction, amusement park and green space across the whole of the UK (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England).

We use GPS data from GDPR compliant mobile apps, combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to calculate footfall and visit behaviours for every location where tourists choose to visit.

Data traditionally available to tourism managers was captured through footfall counting hardware and unreliable tourism surveys at TownandPlace.AI it is much easier.

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