Footfall data for tourism destinations, AONBs, national parks & visitor attractions

Get regular access to postcode origins, footfall and overnight stay data for local, regional and national tourists

Tourism.UK.AI pioneering mobility visitor insights for the Tourism Industry


Tourism Area

Access visitor behaviour data including footfall for the whole of your tourism area or heritage site


Find out which tourist attractions are most popular and how visitors combine location visits by day


National and Local Tourism Data

Explore human mobility data by tourist location type including DMO’s, AONB’s and National Parks

Length of Stay

Discover how long tourists stay and filter by where they visit and their home postcode origin

Movement Flow

Understand how visitors move around attractions, green spaces and heritage sites 


Use tourist visitor behaviour analytics for funding applications including footfall, catchment and demographic data insights

Place Informatics Dashboard Features

The TourismUK.AI dashboard provides tourist visitor behaviour data for destinations across the UK. Footfall is updated every week, with all other data sets updated monthly, providing the most accurate and up to date tourism data available in the UK

Footfall for Tourism Destinations

Daily, weekly, monthly footfall data for your tourism area

Visitor Origins

Understand where your tourist visitors are travelling from across the UK

Visitor Itineraries

Discover where tourists go and what they do – from town centres to beaches, heritage sites and attractions

Overnight Stays

Find out how many tourists are staying overnight in the area and average length of their stay


Access our events reporting tool for your tourist destination or attraction, which provides a comparison of footfall pre-event, during and post-event

Location Heatmaps

Gain insights into the specific locations that people congregate and where the quiet locations are in your tourism area

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