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Imagine being able to open your computer and easily access every town centre footfall in the UK! No more tiring questionnaires, headcounts and expensive hardware installation needed… TownandPlace.AI has been selected by Buckinghamshire to provide accurate footfall analytics using the latest GPS and Artificial Intelligence technology.

Buckinghamshire Council identified the increased importance of being able to accurately count footfall and measure visitor behaviours in twelve town centres across Buckinghamshire. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  the council wanted to ensure social distancing was deployed correctly to keep visitors safe as they move around the high streets – and to keep town centres open and support the local economy.

We are very happy that TownandPlace.AI has been selected by Buckinghamshire Council to provide footfall and behaviour analytics for all twelve town centres across Buckinghamshire. TownandPlace.AI is being funded by the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund – from the European Regional Development Fund (RHSSF and ERDF for herein).

The twelve town centres across Buckinghamshire using TownandPlace.AI include Aylesbury, Amersham (on-the-Hill and Old Town); Beaconsfield (Old and New Town); Buckingham, Chesham; Gerrards Cross; Great Missenden; Marlow; Princes Risborough and Wendover.

The beauty of using TownandPlace.AI is that you aren’t limited to hardware or have to choose a set number of locations. You can easily track as many town centres as you like regardless of their size anywhere across the UK.

TownandPlace.AI Footfall and Visit Behaviour Data

TownandPlace.AI’sonline platform offers many amazing features that wouldn’t be possible with traditional and more expensive footfall hardware implementation. We use GPS data from GDPR compliant mobile apps, combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to calculate our footfall data, meaning you aren’t limited to measuring just a few streets, the possibilities are unlimited!

Extending beyond footfall insight, TownandPlace.AI answers the ‘who, where, and what’ questions which need to be answered to help town centres grow back successfully post the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through TownandPlace.AI you can:

  • Track footfall volumes, visit frequency, and length of stay.
  • Use TownandPlace.AI’sstreet heat map showing how footfall is distributed across the town centre. Streets, car parks, and green spaces are also included.
  • Measure where ‘tourism’ visitors originate from across the UK. Identify the region of the country.
  • Benchmark your town centre against any one of 2,300+ other town centres across the UK.
  • Tourist and Local Visitors – Identify by postcode where town centre visitors originate from.
  • Local Shoppers – Easily understand where residents of an individual postcode visit and which town centres share postcode populations.
  • For Events – Analyse footfall volumes, dwell time, and store/leisure business visits during your events.

The Future for Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Council has now been utilizing TownandPlace.AI to identify where there are footfall hot spots so they can put additional mitigations in place to keep people safe i.e. target signage, the introduction of physical interventions or warden activity.

Now more than ever it’s essential to support local business owners and assist local communities to get back up and running. Through Townandplace.AI Buckinghamshire Council has been able to identify where the lower footfall areas are so they can undertake marketing and promotions to increase footfall and support businesses in these locations. This will help support the local economy, save jobs and preserve the heart of the community.

Access Town Centre Footfall Data Immediately

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