The TownandPlace.AI dashboard provides the data for use in monitoring
and evaluating the impact of your post covid recovery strategy.

Understand how the function and attractiveness of your town centre may
have changed and use this to plan for the future.






TownandPlace.AI helps you to understand how footfall and visitor numbers is changing over time for the whole town centre area, all streets , green spaces and travel hubs. Track the evolution of behaviours over time to understand the impact of your actions.


Track the evolution of your town centre monthly footfall, and compare against multiple other locations.

Street Footfall

Identify the busy and quiet areas of the town centre and adjust interventions accordingly.

Weekly Footfall

Easily understand the patterns and seasonality across all 52 weeks of the year.

Visitor Flow

Gain detailed data to understand how visitors move and flow around the town centre and how businesses, street, car parks and green spaces are interlinked.


Understand who your visitors and prospects are. Discover where they travel from, how they use the town centre, their retail and leisure preferences and social grade profiles. Measure your success in converting your potential reach.

Visitor Origins Display

Visitor Origins

Visualise where your visitors originate from and use this insight to inform location based marketing campaigns.

Postcode Conversion Display

Postcode Conversion

Measure the impact of campaigns designed to increase the share of postcode residents visiting the town centre.

Shared Catchment Display

Shared Catchment Areas

Visualise where your visitors come from and where else they visit.

Social Profiles Display

Social Grade Profiles

Target postcodes which already have a link to the town centre and whose residents have the potential to increase spend in the town centre.


Attract more visitors with targeted marketing campaigns informed by in-depth visitor insights from TownandPlace.AI. Generate a higher return on your tourism marketing investment by knowing who your visitors are, where they come from, their leisure preferences and where else they visit across the UK.

Tourist origins

Understand the locations your tourists are coming from, by UK country and region down to outer postcode level.

Tourist Travel Mode Origins

Discover where your tourists are travelling to and from, and the modes of transport they choose to use.


Measure how events impact on footfall, catchment conversion and usage of the town centre. Track the performance of any event across the UK to identify the optimum type to hold in your town centre. Follow the evolution of visitor behaviours over time driven by the impact of public realm, cultural hubs and new leisure investments.

Event Definition Form

Custom Event Performance Requests

Define the events you want to track, customise the type, location and key dates.  Use future dates to set up tracking in advance and get email notification of results.

Event Footfall Display

Footfall Change

Benchmark footfall with the effects compared to the year before and immediately before and after the event.

Event Conversion Display


Understand the impact of an event at the postcode level with conversion comparisons.

Long Term Impact Display


Track the full footfall trend over longer periods to see the full event impact.