What visitor data do you need for event funding applications?

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If you’re an event manager in need of financial assistance to fund an event, event funding applications are necessary in order to help cover the costs of venue hire, equipment, marketing, staff and transport.

Essential visitor data for Event Managers

Whether it’s for a large public gathering or local festival, the hardest thing to predict is will the return on investment be worthwhile?

This is where visitor behaviour and footfall data from our Events Dashboard comes in. Knowing exactly where attendees will travel in from, the potential of a catchment area to attract visitors to your location, as well as the event’s impact on footfall and traffic within the town / city and its surrounding streets will be invaluable to predicting the impact of the event. The data sets can also provide essential insights into other towns, green spaces, and venues across the UK to make a strong case for your event funding application and find favour with various funding bodies and sponsors.

More specifically, this includes: 

  • Visitor Demographics – Analyse your core visitors so that you have a better understanding of their age, gender, socio-economic grade profile (AB, C1, C2, D, E), along with a greater comprehension of trends in the local area. Having this information to hand will help reach your target audience and subsequently highlight to benefactors like the National Lottery Heritage and Community Fund that investment in your projects will reach socially deprived or rural communities and support local economies.  
  • Visitor Origins – Predict if your event will appeal to core, local, regional, or national visitors by analysing which postcodes have the highest share – helping to target your marketing more effectively within budget.
  • Travel times – Visitor data can show how far people will travel, including potential drivetime to the town centre, walking and cycling times split into 10, 20 and 30 minute segments. 
  • Event Footfall Projections – Want to know the best day of the week or time of day to run the event? See daily, weekly and monthly footfall with graphs to measure location occupancy for midweek days versus weekend visitors. This enables you to accurately measure event performance, benchmark footfall for your event with comparative year on year / month on month data. If you monitor a set KPI, such as dwell time or event attendance across the town area, including green spaces, you should see the results of your interventions over a period.  
  • Event Marketing – Run local marketing campaigns using home postcode data to target and optimise both social media and print marketing for visitors from further afield. The data sets can highlight commercial opportunities for event activities, for local businesses and also emphasising the value of your event to the community. 

Discover footfall and visitor data for event funding applications 

We have helped many towns across the UK with our footfall data and visitor behaviour analytics, including Coventry City Council (European Capital of Culture 2022) Nottingham City Council and Surrey Heath Borough Council –  all of whom run very successful event campaigns throughout the year. 

If you’re interested in accessing footfall and visitor behaviour for your own events, arrange a demo with us now or call 01772 283 204 to find out how we can help increase your chances of event funding application success. 

The following funding bodies are currently accepting applications: 


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