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Understand how visitors use your town centre including retail, food and leisure.

  • Measure footfall metrics and benchmark against 2,500+ town centres
  • Understand your catchment demographic profile to help attract more visitors
  • Identify home origins to accurately target digital marketing campaigns
  • Track key indices including dwell, visit frequency and high street footfall

Retail & Real-Estate

Identify the mutual fit between your retail site and tenants based on visitor behaviours.

  • Understand the postcode catchment area including population conversion
  • Target visitor home locations for digital marketing targeting
  • Measure customer footfall and retail site visitor behaviour patterns
  • Access detailed socio demographic profiles including age, education and income


Measure visitor behaviour and footfall across the entire High Street Heritage Action Zone area.

  • Benchmark visitor footfall against pre intervention data from 2019.
  • Measure footfall data across all of the HSHAZ area including streets and businesses
  • Heatmap tourist movement patterns
  • Identify visitor social demographic profiles to support targeted event marketing


Actionable insights about the visitors to your destination.

  • Understand how tourism is performing at a local level
  • Know home origins for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Understand visit activity, preference and interests
  • Track tourist footfall across the town centre, attractions and outdoor

Our Technology

No Hardware

Place Informatics requires no installation of any cameras or sensors providing unlimited coverage and immediate access to footfall data from 2019. (Pre Covid)


From inception Place Informatics has followed a privacy-led design. All permission based mobility data captured stores no PII (Personally Identifiable Information). We are GDPR compliant.


All our human movement data is available through SaaS dashboards, delivering immediate access to the latest footfall and visitor behaviour insights, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Artificial Intelligence

By combining our proprietary place database with billions of GPS data points and our machine learning algorithms, we are able to accurately measure real-world behaviours across the UK.

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Cloud Platforms
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GPS Data Points
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