Footfall and Location
Analytics for Town Centres,
Real Estate and Tourism

Accurate, robust and up to date Visitor data,
helping you to make informed decisions

Data and Artificial Intelligence Combined

Our Artificial Intelligence tools analyse over 1,000 million unique GPS data records every months which are
matched to our proprietary place data base of over 150,000 town centres, retail locations, green spaces and businesses

Place Informatics is purpose designed for your sector

Town Centres

Understand who is using your town centre, where they visit and where they originate from.
Track footfall, monitor movement and measure event performance.

Real Estate


Robust performance measurement data for asset valuations, identify best fit tenants, gain market share and win more contracts.



Footfall and Visitor data for your High Street Heritage Action Zone. Auto generate high street performance reports to meet funder requirements.



Attract more visitors with targeted marketing campaigns informed by in-depth catchment and location behaviour data.


NO HARDWARE Place Informatics requires no hardware installation, enabling immediate set up and complete coverage of every locations including streets, retail/leisure location, green spaces and businesses.
DATA The foundation of our robust footfall and visitor behaviour dashboards is mobile location data , which is GPS data captured from GDPR compliant mobile apps which only provide continuous and high volume data feeds.
Dashboards Our sector specific cloud dashboards include TownandPlace.AI for town centres and Business Improvement Districts, RetailSites.AI for real estate and HeritageActionZones.AI for town centre heritage managers.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Place Informatics combines GPS data, with our proprietary Place Data base and then utilises the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help you understand how the UK population use town centres, retail/leisure locations and green spaces.


Easily benchmark your location or business performance with any other site across the UK. Immediately compare and 
understand how footfall, catchment and market share trends evolve over time for your own location and your competitors.

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