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East Anglia’s Most Successful Christmas Lights Events of 2022!

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Christmas lights don’t just improve the look and feel of a town centre they can be a key footfall driver if organised into a switch on event. 

To find the best performing locations in East Anglia, Place Informatics analysed the Christmas lights switch on activity for cities and towns across the region that held these events in November 2022.   

The best performing towns, with the greatest increase in activity on their Christmas Lights switch-on day were: 

First place: Royston 18.6% (Friday, 25 November 2022) 

Second place: Hoddesdon 9.9% (Saturday, 26 November 2022) 

Third place: Huntingdon 9.7% (Friday, 25 November 2022) 

The activity data from phones, for the Christmas lights switch on day was compared to the average activity for the same day of the week in October and November 2022, providing an indication of growth in visitors. 

The average growth in visitor activity in East Anglia for the Christmas switch on event days showed 7.1% positive growth.  

The top three town centres had similarities in their event preparation, as BID organisations, local businesses and community groups worked together to deliver fireworks, choirs, markets, live music, and late opening, 

Mobility location data from GPS mobile phone records is used to calculate visitor behaviour for over 2,300 town centres across the UK and all 260 Business Improvement District town centres. Location data includes visitor demographics, footfall, catchment and movement flows.  

Place Informatics analysis phone activity in town centres, tracking a sample of 12 million phones, equal to 4000 million GPS points a month. 

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