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How to Measure Town Centre Footfall

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How to Measure Town Centre Footfall

Funding from the Future High Streets Fund provided by the government will be invested in 72 town centres across England.
The funding is designed to help these town centres to transform their high streets into vibrant hubs for future generations.

Footfall, visitor numbers, and the ability to persuade postcode catchment residents to visit the town centre are the most important factors for a town centre to be a viable, vibrant location that people want to visit.
Footfall impacts a town’s vacancy rate and is the dominant factor for strong retail, food and leisure sales.

Footfall Counting Hardware Restrictions

Footfall and visit behaviour data is vital for not just the main shopping street, but also the streets where the restaurants are located, the train station, car parks and the all-important leisure and green spaces.

Traditionally footfall counting hardware had to be implemented, which was time-consuming and expensive. These two factors often result in limitations of where footfall can be tracked. This leads to inaccurate footfall counting and a lack of understanding of how visitors are using the town centre and the businesses within it. Equally CCTV, WI-FI, or Sensor based counting systems can only provide a volume count, lacking the ability to understand footfall flow, visitor home origins, customer preferences, business usage and spending.

How to Measure Footfall for Entire Town Centres

There is an alternative to using expensive hardware to count footfall across every street, car park and green space in your town centre! TownandPlace.AI – we use GPS data collected from GDPR compliant mobile apps combined with the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to measure:

  • Footfall
  • Visit Frequency
  • Postcode Catchment Conversion
  • Event Performance
  • Tourist Origins
  • Business Visits

TownandPlace.AI provides footfall and visitor behaviour for over 2,300 town centres across the UK and is calculating footfall for your town centre as you read this article!

Footfall for the entire town centre, every street, all of your car parks, the train station and your green spaces is available as we require no hardware to be installed.

Access Your Town Centre Footfall Data Immediately

It is easy to view your town centres footfall now. Simply sign up and we will upgrade your registration to a 14 day free FULL access plan.

Click on the link to get started: TownandPlace.AI

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