How to Measure Town Centre Footfall

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Measuring Town Centre Footfall

The new government Initiative – The Future High Streets Fund, recognises the rising importance of renewing and reshaping town centres. 72 town centres across England will receive funding as a result, in order to transform their high streets into vibrant hubs for future generations.

Town centres not only need positive footfall numbers but also the ability to attract many visitors into their high streets for a successful and vibrant location. Footfall levels undeniably impact town vacancy rates and the success of retail, food and leisure sales.

Traditional Footfall Hardware Restrictions

Visitor behaviour data and footfall is not just vital for the main high street, but also many other areas. Benchmarking key locations like restaurants, train stations, car parks, leisure areas and green spaces is equally as important when creating a popular and successful town centre.

Traditional footfall counting hardware is set up within the town centre and is time-consuming, expensive and unsightly. Hence you are limited to tracking footfall within small site areas. This leads to inaccurate footfall data and in fact, a lack of understanding of how visitors are using the whole of the town centre and its businesses. Equally, CCTV, WI-FI, or Sensor-based counting systems only provide a basic person count which subsequently lacks the ability to understand the flow of your town centre, visitors’ home postcodes, customer preferences, business usage and spending.

Measure Footfall for The Entire Town Centres

There is a new alternative to footfall counting hardware. Using TownandPlace.AI, you can track footfall across every street, car park and green space within the town centre! This is possible by collecting GPS data from GDPR compliant mobile apps additionally, combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Get Immediate access to your town centre:

  • Footfall
  • Visit Frequency
  • Postcode Catchment Conversion
  • Event Performance
  • Tourist Origins
  • Business Visits

TownandPlace.AI provides footfall and visitor behaviour for over 2,300 town centres across the UK. We are calculating footfall for your town centre as you read this article!

It has never been easier to view your town centre’s footfall. Contact us today and receive a free walkthrough of our footfall dashboard for your town centre.


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