How Visitor Data Assists with Levelling Up Fund Projects

In the world of strategic decision-making within UK Council teams, accurate and reliable visitor data is an indispensable asset. This data forms the cornerstone of fulfilling Levelling Up Fund requirements, encompassing pre-project, mid-project, and post-project visitor insights. It sheds light on population movements, demographics, and visitor origins, closely aligning with Levelling Up objectives. This data not only benchmarks a town’s health but also provides vital reporting for governmental bodies, investors, and local stakeholders.

Unlocking the Value of Visitor Data:

Cost-Effective: Visitor data proves cost-effective compared to hardware options like cameras and sensors.
Accuracy: It eliminates the risk of double-counting, ensuring precise data analysis.
Comprehensive Analysis: Visitor data provides a holistic view of the entire town, not just specific areas.
Demographic Insights: Integration of demographic data aids in analysing local populations.

Who Benefits from Visitor Data?:

Council Planning Teams

Visitor data is invaluable for planning teams engaging with developers and local communities on proposed projects, visitor data offers compelling evidence for negotiating section 106 requirements, ultimately improving local living conditions.

Town Centre Re-Development Teams

Crucial for benchmarking, track visitor numbers in long-awaited town enhancement projects. Evaluate the success of attracting visitors to high streets, retail areas, leisure zones, and recreational facilities post-project completion.

Town Centre Initiatives

Visitor data assesses the effectiveness of markets, Christmas events, and shop-local initiatives. Movement analysis identifies high and low foot traffic areas, aiding in pedestrian flow management.

Council Events Teams

Vital for event planning, visitor data provides insights into average visitor activity patterns, streamlining logistics, resource allocation, and emergency service coverage. Post-event analysis informs future improvements.

Council Marketing Teams

Visitor data highlights the impact of marketing efforts, enabling teams to evaluate performance and community engagement. Adjustments can be made if footfall targets aren’t met.

Travel Initiatives and Carbon Reduction

Facilitating the evaluation of travel modes and transport hub usage, visitor data informs decisions on car park tariffs, closures, and transport hub enhancements.

Council Environmental Teams

Environmental teams use visitor data to monitor footfall in urban parks, nature reserves, and service facilities, supporting transparency and footfall reduction goals.

Tourism Management

Tourism managers utilise visitor data to understand visitor origins, itineraries, and overnight stays, aiding year-round event planning and Levelling Up alignment.

Heritage Conservation

Heritage managers access visitor data to comprehend visitor demographics and assess the impact of heritage-related visits within Heritage Action Zones.

Retail, Leisure, and Commercial Activities

Visitor data uncovers consumer preferences and identifies areas lacking in amenities, valuable for attracting investors and businesses

In conclusion visitor data emerges as a potent tool for prioritising projects aligned with Levelling Up Fund objectives, directing resources towards areas and initiatives with the greatest positive impact on local communities and economies. In the dynamic landscape of strategic decision-making, visitor data insights are indispensable.

To learn more about the ways visitor data can help your levelling up fund project performance measurement, call us on 0161 706 1343, email or book to see data for your town with us here: Discover data for your town


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