Presenting Our Enhanced Event Report For Business Improvement Districts & Town Centres

Explore our updated event report, tailored to the unique requirements of business improvement districts and town centres. Packed with advanced data, this tool offers crucial insights into event performance, addressing key challenges faced when striving to create vibrant events. Let’s delve into the exciting features and benefits it offers.

Features & Benefits of the New Event Report:

Event Footfall Figures: Assessing Success

Compare event footfall with previous months and years.
Benefit: Make informed decisions based on historical trends to optimise your event planning and investments for sustained growth and success.

Event Visitors Present: Identifying Peak Times

Analyse hourly visitor data to pinpoint peak periods.
Benefit: Customise event activities for peak hours, enhancing the attendee experience and community engagement.

Visitor Origins: Understanding Reach

Discover the geographical origins of visitors and assess their distances.
Benefit: Identify trends and target specific areas for marketing campaigns, strategically engaging potential attendees from nearby and faraway places.

Visitor Behaviour: Enhancing Engagement

Measure average dwell time and monthly visit frequency.
Benefit: Gain profound insights into engagement levels, refine marketing efforts, and design more captivating events.

Visitor Postcodes: Leveraging Marketing Opportunities

Examine visitor distribution and identify crucial postcodes.
Benefit: Target marketing and partnership opportunities in top postcodes, strengthening community bonds.

Our new event report equips your business improvement district or town centre with valuable data for improved planning and decision-making. Benchmark performance, understand visitor origins, analyse behaviour, and refine marketing strategies for future events. Embrace data-driven insights to elevate your event success.

Ready to Unlock Your Community’s Potential?

Get in touch today for a free run-through of your area’s data sets. Discover how our enhanced event report can transform your events and leave a lasting positive impact on your community.


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