Using Footfall Data to Organise an Event in a Green Space

Crowd of people sat in green space

When organising an event in a green space, urban or country park, footfall data can be a valuable resource to help make sure it’s successful. 

We help event organisers, local councils, destination management organisations and tourism managers across the UK measure real usage in green spaces including footfall, dwell time and movement flow in order to deliver a better experiences for visitors. 

Whether it’s a concert, festival, market or exhibition, there are many ways in which you can benefit from green space footfall and visitor behaviour data to organise an event in a green space. 

Green Space Footfall and Visitor Behaviour Data

Revolutionary methods using GPS data from GDPR compliant apps and artificial intelligence software provides us with very cost effective and more accurate information on footfall, dwell time of visitors, visit frequency and visitor home origins.

Using GPS data captured from millions of phones we are able to accurately calculate a volume footfall for the park area and individual paths or routes travelled by people passing through a given area over a specific time period. 

It can be used to track foot traffic and understand customer behaviour in a variety of green spaces ranging from large public areas to individual pathways and for commercial outlets such as visitors centres and cafes.

All data sets are easily accessible through Place Informatics Green Space data dashboard.

Why use footfall data to organise an event in a green space?

Leveraging green space footfall and visitor behaviour data is no longer an option but a requirement for event planners, councils and businesses to assess the true success rate of their event, reaching vital KPIs and keeping stakeholders such as SME’s and community groups involved and engaged in the process. 

With in-depth insights provided by Place Informatics data sets, we can help you to plan and execute your next event by: 

  • Showing demographic data from your green spaces catchment area to identify new target markets, plan appropriate activities and to highlight advertising opportunities. 
  • Identifying footfall trends when it comes to timings and event scheduling for maximum attendance. 
  • Choosing the right green space location for your event with density heatmaps to display where people tend to congregate, visitor flow and areas of interest. 
  • Providing an event performance report containing a summary of the uplift in visitors compared to the year, month or day before the event. 
  • Following the event, the data sets can give a clear indication of where new visitors have been drawn from which will assist with planning, resourcing and facilities management for the next event.

Click here to book a zoom call for us to share our data sets on green space event footfall and visitor data and explore in more detail your green space data needs.


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