3 Vital Tips To Help DMOs Lure In More Tourists

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Have you ever thought of how you could bring your tourists back to their favourite holiday destinations every year by using data? You may think of seaside views and local restaurants, but this is only scratching the surface when thinking about what can be done to bring back your tourists for their vacation breaks… As working for a DMO, you should be making your life easier by using the best technology to create new and effective strategies to tempt visitors back each year for their holiday vacations.

So what should you think about when trying to entice loyal tourists back each year?

Firstly, holiday package offers never go unnoticed! But only if executed correctly…

To achieve a successful tourism destination, you should be tracking tourist footfall. This can be used to find out exactly what attractions are most popular at different times of the year. In addition, this data can be used for holiday packages promoted through your ‘Visit’ website which can be tailored to the season of booking and include the most popular attractions to draw customers in!

In addition, you should be tracking tourists home origins to locate potential loyal visitors.

Using visitor home origin data to find out which postcodes in the UK contain the highest volume of tourists visiting your attractions and town centres is hugely beneficial. This information can be used to create customised target marketing, as there is a greater chance of attracting back recent tourists who may be familiar with the area.

Lastly, you can also track which other tourism regions tourists are visiting!

If you are struggling to keep tourists loyal to your location and instead, are travelling to attractions in other towns or regions, you may want to track where else they are visiting using visitor behaviour data. This is often used to identify gaps in the tourist attraction market which they may decide to implement in the future to increase tourist retention.

If you are a tourism organisation and are looking to grow and track your tourist numbers, TownandPlace.AI provides the latest data and insights for tourists visits across the whole of the UK.

Click the link below to sign up today and gain your 14-day free trial to access visitor and tourism data for your destination. TownandPlace.AI – Register

Visitor behaviours for your tourist region are being recorded as you read this blog post!


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