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New Postcode Map Drill Down Features for TownandPlace.AI

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TownandPlace.AI has released four new features for analysing visitor postcodes in more depth. The new updates are based on client feedback and designed to analyse different visitor types more easily.

Firstly we have Core Catchment – Using this you can find out which regions contain the greatest number of regular shoppers and workers, otherwise known as your core catchment areas. This is done by tracking your frequent visitors home origin postcodes. For a postcode area to be defined as a core catchment area it must have at least 15% of its population using your town centre each month.

Secondly, we have Local Visitors – This new feature is perfect for identifying which postcodes your less regular visitors are travelling from to your town centre. This feature is also great to keep in mind when you want to track the effects of a town centre event, to find out which postcodes you are attracting. For a postcode area to be defined as a local visitor area, it must have at least 3%- 15% of its population using your town centre monthly.

Next, we have Tourism – Find out where your tourists home origin postcodes are. This is a great tool for discovering which postcodes contain high numbers of tourists. For a postcode to be classed as a tourist postcode. It must have at least 0.5% – 3% of its population visiting your town centre monthly.

Finally, we have Region Map – This map shows the percentage share of the total number of visitors by national region e.g. North West or Scotland. Additionally, you can drill down into areas by postcode.

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