How visitor postcode origins can help tourist destinations

Visitor postcode origins are a powerful tool for DMOs, councils, and tourist attractions looking to increase footfall at their destination. With this type of data, you can find out who is visiting your location and how far away they’ve travelled from in order to make strategic decisions that will improve your results over time.

Let’s take a look at how data for visitor postcode origins can help you develop your tourist destination.

Targeted marketing 
Postcodes can be used to tap into the demographics of a population, helping tourist destinations to build up profiles of their visitors. Every postcode has insightful information within it, where age, gender, disposable income and the types of housing they live in – from detached properties to flats – are known and can be used to make judgements about your visitors preferences, needs and wants. 

By combining this data with information on what sort of tickets are being purchased by different types of customers (e.g: family tickets vs individual tickets), you can create marketing messages and promotions that truly capture your target audience’s attention with tailored content based on geographic location and even regional dialect. 

Estimate travel time and length of stay 

Discover the true impact of your tourist attractions by uncovering data on how far visitors travel from their home postcode within a 10, 20 or 30 minute time frame via driving, cycling or walking. 

With these insights, you can get a better feel for what attractions or heritage sites people are visiting on route. You will also be able to calculate guest nights spent by a given number of visitors per destination – all essential information when assessing tourism revenue potential!

Track tourist movement 

Compiling accurate visitor numbers can be difficult without having access to data for the whole of your area, and this is significantly more valuable when linked to detailed postcode data. The benefits of knowing who is visiting your tourist destination and how often they come back is invaluable when it comes to gauging customer loyalty and trends in visitation frequency. 

It also helps inform decisions around when to offer discounts during off / on peak seasons, or designing special packages for couples and families during popular holiday periods like Valentine’s Day or Christmas etc. What’s more, footfall and visitor data can help to generate investment into new facilities or services such as information centres, accommodation, tour operators and transport links based on what current travellers want or need whilst they’re there.

Fund applications for commercial opportunities and events

By having access to accurate visitor postcode origins data, local councils have a stronger case applying for grants or other forms of government funding for areas with high social deprivation. The funding could be focused on events, commercial developments and or historic, cultural and conservation projects. The data will also provide evidence-based examples about the size of the local tourism market and its economic impact on the area.

Analyse competitors 

By understanding visitor origin patterns through postcode analysis, tourist destinations and businesses can gain insight into competitor performance too. The Place informatics dashboard provides on demand access to data for competitor tourist locations, which can show clearly if visitors are ‘leaking’ to other areas. This helps to determine whether it is worth creating new offerings, expand into new areas, as well as make informed decisions about pricing and advertising campaigns. 

With advanced reporting tools available today, you can spot any potential shifts in customer behaviour that might indicate changes in market dynamics due to competitors’ activities (e.g: increased prices leading customers away from your tourist destination).  

Access visitor postcode data 

Postcode-level analysis makes it simpler than ever before to collect accurate customer information at scale – providing tourist agencies, DMOs and attractions with the data they need not only to make smarter decisions, but also stay a few steps ahead of the competition!

If you’re looking to find out exactly where your visitors originate from, click here to arrange a demo of our Tourism.UK.AI dashboard or call 0161 706 1343 to speak to us about your data needs. 


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