The Benefits of Movement Analysis for Green Spaces 

Green spaces, such as parks, gardens, forests and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), play a crucial role in offering people respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life with important access to natural environments for mental health, recreation, and fresh air for physical wellbeing.  

As the preferences and needs of visitors evolve, park managers and other environmental stakeholders are seeking ways to optimise these public spaces to meet the expectations of a diverse audience. This is where movement analysis can be a valuable tool for understanding visitor behaviour and improving overall user experience. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the various benefits of movement analysis for green spaces, providing data-rich insights that lay the foundation for strategic decision-making.

  • Identify Visitors 

By leveraging GPS data combined with machine learning over a period of time, you can gain insights into the demographics of visitors, including their average age, gender, income level, postcode area, itineraries and much more. This information helps in understanding the diverse range of individuals and groups that utilise the green space, allowing for tailored services and activities that cater to the interests of visitors. Or conversely, aiming to attract new types of visitors and catering to their needs or interests.

  • Track Human Movement 

One of the biggest benefits of movement analysis for green spaces is the ability to monitor foot traffic and observe movement patterns. Through examining popular routes, areas of interest, and congestion points, park managers can optimise pathways, signage, lighting and seating arrangements to enhance visitor flow, alongside predict and manage crowd control to ensure a favourable visitor experience.

  • Support Investment Decisions

Some green spaces will require continued investment in commercial opportunities to encourage regular visits. With accurate movement analysis data, investment decisions can be made more effectively. For example, if a park has a high turnout for a particular event such as a concert, travelling circus or dog show, the success of the event could lead to further commercial opportunities with vendors and local businesses, which could in turn provide regular multiple revenue streams. 

  • Optimise Park Maintenance & Infrastructure 

Creating a healthy and user-friendly environment in green spaces is important. Movement analysis helps identify high-foot traffic zones that require regular upkeep and can assist in the efficient deployment of staff such as tree surgeons, resources and amenities, such as additional benches and bins, playgrounds, restroom facilities, parking or picnic areas. 

Conversely, finding out which areas are under utilised can uncover new opportunities to encourage people to use the areas or develop new innovative ways to use the space available. 

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage  

To gain a  competitive advantage, green space managers may need to differentiate the events and regular offerings to attract visitors and stand out from the crowd. As mentioned earlier, tailoring offerings to the interests of current users could create a big advantage. By identifying popular attractions, routes, or events, this allows decision-makers to curate experiences that set their green space apart, guaranteeing that people have an enjoyable time during their visit and return time and time again.  

Are You Ready to Take Your Green Space to New Heights of Success?

With the help of our cutting-edge green space data technology, you can optimise the usability and sustainability of your park, wooded area, open space, garden or estate like never before. 

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