New Product Release! Movement Analysis: Retail Visitor Paths

Retail Visitor Paths

“Retail Visitor Paths” is an interactive tool for retailers to gain valuable insights into the movements and walking patterns of visitors. This can show:
• How many visitors have walked from one retail unit to another retail unit
• How many visitors have walked from point A (e.g. North Car park section) to point B (e.g. pop up coffee trader)

Featuring a 3D interactive map that shows visitors’ pathways, this makes it easy to visualise and analyse data to gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour within the retail site.
With this cutting-edge technology, retailers can now understand the distances their visitors are walking and which paths they are taking within their retail site.
This really is a game-changer for retailers looking to optimize their store layouts, product placement, and marketing strategies. With this tool, retailers can make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience, increase sales, and drive business growth.

Distance analysis
The tool provides data on the distance covered by visitors, including the percentage of visitors that walked:
0-50 meters
50-100 meters
100-200 meters
200-500 meters
and 500+ meters

Analysis of this information is to increase understanding of how much movement is going around the site and if visitors are there to visit one unit or are enticed to move around the site for other reasons.

Paths analysis
Visual data on the paths taken by visitors within the retail site, allowing retailers to see which areas are most popular and which areas need to drive footfall.

3D interactive map
The visitor paths can be visualized on a 3D interactive map, making it easy to see where the most popular links between retail units are.

Section analysis
The tool allows users to draw two sections within the visitor paths map and to analyse the visitors’ paths and visitor data between the two units. This is a great tool to understand how visitors interact, where there are synergies between two brands or units and show where could be optimum positions for signage, additional facilities or commercial traders.

Benefits Of The Retail Visitor Origin Map

Improved understanding of customer behaviour
By tracking the paths of your retail visitors, you can gain a deeper understanding of how they navigate your site. This can help you optimise unit layout and product placement to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Data-driven decision making
The data provided by Retail Visitor Paths can help you make informed decisions about where to place certain retail units and how to optimize your retail site offering. This can help you increase sales and drive business growth.

Enhanced customer experience
By understanding how your customers move through your retail site, this can help you to encourage repeat business by adding relevant signage, optimising the customer experience and improve satisfaction. This can help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Quick Data in and easy-to-use tool
The ability to draw two sections and analyse visitor paths between two units makes the tool very versatile to look at specific areas of interest and useful for retailers to discover links between certain retail units and discover most popular visitor routes or areas that need attention.

Competitive advantage
Using Retail Visitor Paths can give you a competitive advantage by providing you with valuable insights into customer behaviour that your competitors don’t, helping you stay ahead of the curve and stand out in the marketplace.

More Interactive Maps 
The Retail Visitor Origin Map is one of a series of Interactive Maps providing informative data for Retail Sites. Read more on the interactive series of 3D maps here:
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