Town Centre Footfall – Cornwall

Cornwall coastline view of boats and houses

Cornwall will be welcoming back tourists to their sandy beaches and spectacular coastal views after the easing of lockdown. We are pleased TownandPlace.AI will be used across 26 Cornish towns to measure tourism and economic success, just in time for when tourism numbers boom this summer.

Cornwall Council were seeking a way to accurately count footfall and measure visitor behaviours in town centres across 26 Cornish towns. The council believed footfall monitoring was a useful indicator of how shopping areas were being used throughout the COVID19 pandemic and will also give them in depth catchment and location data to create detailed targeted tourism marketing campaigns.

We are very happy that TownandPlace.AI has been selected by Cornwall Council to provide footfall and behaviour analytics for all 26 town centres across Cornwall. TownandPlace.AI is being funded by the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund – from the European Regional Development Fund (RHSSF and ERDF for herein).

The 26 town centres across Cornwall using TownandPlace.AI include Bude, Camborne, Camelford, Chacewater, Charlestown, Falmouth, Fowey, Hayle, Helston, Launceston, Liskeard, Looe, Mevagissey, Newquay, Penryn, Penzance, Portreath, Redruth, Saltash, St Austell, St Day PC, St Ives, St Mawes, Torpoint, Truro and Wadebridge.

TownandPlace.AI Footfall and Tourism Visit Behaviour Data

TownandPlace.AI’s online platform offers many amazing features that wouldn’t be possible with traditional and more expensive footfall hardware implementation. We use GPS data from GDPR compliant mobile apps, combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to calculate our footfall data, meaning you aren’t limited to measuring just a few streets, the possibilities are unlimited! Access data for any number of towns regardless of how big or small, throughout the UK.

Through TownandPlace.AI’s tourism region map, you have access to in-depth catchment and location behaviour data. You have the ability to understand the locations your tourists are coming from, by UK country and region down to outer postcode level. This is a great tool for attracting more visitors to your town centre. By knowing where your visitors come from and where else they visit across the UK you can create detailed targeted tourism marketing campaigns and generate a higher return on your marketing investment.

In addition, there are opportunities to access additional meaningful and informative features such as the modes of transport tourists choose to use and estimate visitor spend by category within town centres.

Through TownandPlace.AI you can:

Track footfall volumes, visit frequency, and length of stay.

Use TownandPlace.AI’sstreet heat map showing how footfall is distributed across the town centre. Streets, car parks, and green spaces are also included.

Measure where ‘tourism’ visitors originate from across the UK. Identify the region of the country.

Benchmark your town centre against any one of 2,300+ other town centres across the UK.

Tourist and Local Visitors – Identify by postcode where town centre visitors originate from.

Local Shoppers – Easily understand where residents of an individual postcode visit and which town centres share postcode populations.

For Events – Analyse footfall volumes, dwell time, and store/leisure business visits during your events.

The Future for Cornwall

As we anticipate the increase of tourists travelling within the UK to holiday destinations this summer after the easing of lockdown restrictions, Cornwall Council is able to utilise TownandPlace.AI’s tourism region map. Through this, the council are able to track where visitors are travelling from across the UK.

This will be particularly beneficial for tourism marketing targeting which will help drive footfall to the area consequently supporting the recovery of Cornwall’s local economy. As we didn’t get the chance to go on holiday last summer, Cornwall’s future looks very promising and will be expecting many tourists in the upcoming months. Finally, visitors are able to experience the long awaited glimpse of normality and enjoy the town centres, glorious sandy beaches and coastal scenery this summer.

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