New Product Release! Movement Analysis: Retail Heat Map

Retail Heat Map

By utilizing hexagon density mapping technology, Retail Heatmaps provides a detailed visualization of visitor traffic within any retail site.

Easily identify areas of high and low visitor density, allowing for informed decision-making when it comes to retail site planning and optimisation.

3D Hexagon density map
The Retail Heatmap is an interactive map which visually represents visitor traffic patterns within a retail site, displayed as a hexagon density map. The map can be toggled from satellite to street view.

Footfall numbers
The Retail Heatmap provides accurate footfall numbers for the whole retail site, and selected areas, enabling retailers to make data-driven decisions about retail site positioning, advertising hoarding, electric vehicle charging, parcel lockers and product placement.

Visit frequency
With the Retail Heatmap, retailers can track the frequency of visits to the whole retail site, and selected areas helping them understand which areas are the most popular throughout the day and which areas need more attention.

Visitor postcode demographics
The Retail Heatmap provides valuable demographic data about visitors to the retail site, including their postcodes and AB social grading classifications. This information can help retailers understand how affluent their visitor market is and tailor their marketing strategies to better target their audience.

Benefits Of The Retail Visitor Origin Map

Improve customer experience
By understanding how visitors move around your retail site, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your retail layout, improving customer satisfaction.

Increased sales
Identify which areas of your retail site are most popular and adjust your product placement and marketing strategies to increase sales.

Efficient staffing
With insights into the busiest locations at different times of day of your retail site, the data will enable the adjustment of staffing and resources accordingly to ensure there is enough supply in the areas that need the most attention.

Better decision-making
The Retail Heatmap provides valuable data and insights that can help make informed decisions about your retail business. This can include decisions on store layout, product placement, staffing levels, marketing strategies, and more.

Competitive advantage
Gain a competitive advantage over other retailers who are not using heatmaps or technologically advanced methods to analyse their foot traffic.

Whether you’re an investor, asset manager, retail business owner or a site consultant, the Retail Heatmap is an invaluable resource for improving a retail site’s performance by ongoing analysis.

Questions the Heatmap can answer on your retail site:
Which are the busiest retail units overall?
What time of day is there most demand for the site facilities?
Which spaces on site have very low foot traffic?
How is the car park utilised and which are the under utilised spaces?

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The Retail Visitor Origin Map is one of a series of Interactive Maps providing informative data for Retail Sites. Read more on the interactive series of 3D maps here:
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To discuss data for your retail site or book an informative look at space analysis tools including address Paths, book here: Book To Discuss Data For Your Retail Site


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