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Town centre footfall and visitor behaviour data driving recovery and growth

TownandPlace.AI helps you understand how high street footfall is changing using customer behaviour analytics from over 2,500 towns.

550+ town, retail, heritage and tourism locations trust our data.


Unlock town visitor data for deep insights into factors that affect footfall. Leverage KPI tracking and mobility data as drivers for targeted improvement strategies.

Town Centre Footfall & Movement

Discover changes in high street footfall – view daily, weekly and monthly visitor

People Behaviour Insights

Monitor foot traffic patterns and understand where people go across streets, retail, car parks and green spaces


Visitor Demographics

Identify visitor demographics – including social grade, age, gender and education estimates

Benchmark &

Benchmark your monthly performance against neighbouring towns, your region and the UK

Communications & Performance

Use town centre data and reports to communicate effectively with key stakeholders

Investment &

Provide support for funding initiatives and measure the impact following investment

The Place Informatics Dashboard Features

Visitor Origins

Understand where your town visitors originate from by their home postcode origins – split by local, regional and national visitors

Footfall Analysis

Measure how high street footfall changes by the hour, day of the week, weekly and monthly

Green Spaces & Car Parks

Discover how initiatives in green spaces and car park management impact visitor behaviour and footfall for your town centre

Event Reporting

Measure the performance of events held across the town centre, individual streets and green spaces

Visitor Behaviour

Track the movement of people and density of visitors in specific areas using interactive heatmaps 

Postcode Demographics

View visitors postcodes linked to their socio-demographic backgrounds

Understand the benefits of TownandPlace.AI

Understand your town centres performance:

Discover how many people are visiting your town centre daily, weekly and monthly.

Identify your visitors home postcodes:

Identify where your visitors home postcodes are, from your core catchment region to the whole of the UK.

Understand which shops your visitors want:

Access percentage of visits to food vs store vs leisure business and further independent vs chain businesses.

Stay ahead of competitors:

Find out which other town centres in the region are most popular with high street footfall data. 

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